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BKHS Winter Sports Senior Night 2023National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2023BKHS Winter Sports Dance 2023BKHS Winter Sports Coronation 2023BKHS Fall Sports Banquet 2022CGD Homecoming 2022BKHS Homecoming Dance 2022BKHS Homecoming 2022Fourth of July Fireworks 2022Fourth of July Parade 2022BKHS Graduation 2022BKHS Prom 2022CGD Winterfest 2022BKHS Senior Nights 2022BK Winter Sports Dance 2022BKHS Winter Sports Coronation 2022Kent Cramer 70th BirthdayBelmond-Klemme Seniors 2021-2022Halloween 2021BKHS Homecoming Dance 2021BKHS Homecoming 2021Florida Vacation 2021Fourth of July Fireworks 2021Fourth of July Parade 2021Grandma Janyce 90th BirthdayTuttles Visit 2021Madi's Grad PartyBKHS Graduation 2021BKHS Baccalaureate & Senior Awards 2021BKHS Athletic Awards 2021United Methodist Seniors 2021Hailey's Morningside GraduationGlobe Gazette Star Awards 2021Eastern Illinois University Graduation Ceremony 2021BKHS Fine Arts Night 2021BKHS Prom 2021BKHS Prom Dance 2021BKHS Senior Nights 2021Easter 2021BKHS Football Banquet 2021BKHS Spring Play 2021National Honor Society Induction 2021BKHS Winter Sports Coronation 2021Halloween 2020Grandma Marge 90th BirthdayBKHS Homecoming 2020Belmond-Klemme Seniors and Student Council 2020-2021BKHS Senior Nights 2020Fourth of July 2020Clear Lake Prom 2020Cole and Keyra Wedding 2020Florida 2020Ralph & Gen Turner - Visitation and ServiceNational Honor Society Induction 2020BK Winter Sports Dance 2020BKHS Winter Sports Coronation 2020Christmas 2019Thanksgiving 2019Blink of an Eye - Morningside College 2019BKHS 2020 Senior ClassRob Courson FuneralTrinity Lutheran Confirmation 2019BKHS Homecoming Dance 2019BKHS Homecoming 2019Nick & Hannah's WeddingBKHS Softball Banquet 2019BKHS Baseball Banquet 2019Wright County Baseball & Softball Association Home Run Derby 2019Fourth of July Fireworks 2019Fourth of July Parade 2019Madi's 16th Birthday PartyBKHS Graduation 2019BKHS Baccalaureate Service 2019United Methodist Seniors 2019BK Awards Night 2019Globe Gazette STAR Class 2019BKHS Prom 2019Easter 2019Lake Mills Prom 2019United Methodist Confirmation 2019Clear Lake Prom 2019BKHS Girls Basketball Banquet 2019Dancin' With Roxie -  Starbound National Talent Competition  2019BK Midwinter Pops Concert 2019Hailey Barrus in "Trifles" - 2019-01-19BKHS New Group 2019-01-12BKHS Senior Nights 2019Gabrielson-Coppola WeddingFlorida 2018-2019Thanksgiving & Christmas 2018BKHS Winter Sports 2018Trinity Lutheran Confirmation 2018BKHS 2019 Senior ClassBKHS Homecoming Dance 2018BKHS Homecoming 2018Fall Sports Swim Party 2018BKHS Baseball Banquet 2018BKHS Softball Banquet 2018Fourth of July Fireworks 2018Fourth of July 2018Prayer Walk for MarlonBKHS Graduation 2018BKHS Fine Arts Night 2018BKHS Prom 2018Kinnick's Birthday 2018BKHS One Act Plays 2018Christmas 2017BKHS Senior Nights 2018National Honor Society Induction 2018BKHS Winter Sports 2018BKHS 2018 Senior ClassTrinity Lutheran Confirmation 2017Hudson & Charlie's Birthday 2017BK Homecoming Dance 2017BK Homecoming Coronation 2017BK Homecoming Activities 2017Dog Days Triathlon 2017Clear Lake Ragbrai 2017Elementary Awards 2017Fourth of July 2017Fourth of July Fireworks 2017Hailey's Grad PartyBKHS Graduation 2017Senior Awards & Baccalaureate 2017United Methodist Graduates 2017BKHS Fine Arts Night 2017Globe Gazette STAR Class 2017BKHS Prom 2017BKHS Spring Play 2017United Methodist Confirmation 2017BKHS All-State Speech 2017BKHS Senior Nights 2017Cramer-Odland Wedding ReceptionChristmas 2016BKHS Winter Sports 2016Cramer Trenching Auction 2016Trinity Lutheran Confirmation 2016BKHS Senior Nights 2016BKHS Homecoming 2016Dog Days Triathlon 2016Fourth of July 2016Madison's 13th BirthdayBKHS Graduation 2016BKHS Prom 2016National American Miss 2016Belmond-Klemme Winter Sports 2016Marco and Kelly ReceptionBelmond Christmas Decorations 2015Our WeddingWilliams-King WeddingTrinity Lutheran Confirmation 2015Belmond-Klemme Homecoming 2015Dog Days Triathlon 2015Murphy-Cramer WeddingFourth of July 2015BKHS Prom 2015National American Miss 2015Clarion-Goldfield Prom 2015Madison's Party 2015Clarion-Goldfield Winter Formal 2015BKHS Spring Plays 2015Teresa Shaw & Dr. Shawn TalbottBKHS 2014 Fall One Act PlaysMeints Wedding Reception 2014Myer Vow RenewalBKHS Prom 2014Lake Mills Prom 2014BKHS Winter Sports 2014Coppolas 40th Birthday PartyChristmas